The ceremony and reception will continue as originally planned. The ceremony is at Saint Boniface Catholic Church at 6:00 PM, with the reception to immediately follow at the Barn at Mader Farm. Please see COVID-19 page for more information on our planned safety measures.
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Update: June 26, 2020

Dear Family & Friends,

We are overjoyed to share that we are able to continue with our original wedding plans. Our ceremony will take place at 6:00 PM at Saint Boniface Catholic Church with our reception immediately following at the Barn at Mader Farm.

In an effort to maintain our guest’s safety during the ceremony, the church will be sanitized before and after. We are creating a seating chart and guests will be shown to their seats by ushers to help maintain a safe distance between groups and families at the church. Each group and family will be seated at a safe distance apart from one another.

In doing our part to comply with Washington State mandates, we kindly require that you wear a mask to the ceremony. We also ask that you keep a respectful distance when exiting the church.

For those that have been unable to RSVP, those that are uncertain of their attendance, or those that sent their regrets but have had a change in plans, we would still love for you to join us. Please update your RSVP on our website sometime before the wedding or reach out and let us know your plan. Everyone is welcome to join, no matter how last minute the decision.

We are so thrilled that the day we have dreamed about for so long will shortly be a reality. We are counting down the moments until we can celebrate with you all.

With love and gratitude,

Hunter & Caitlyn

Update: May 24, 2020

Dear Family & Friends,

One lesson we have learned as a result of COVID-19, is that no matter how much you prepare, you cannot be prepared for everything. We take comfort in knowing, that one day we can tell our children, that not even a pandemic could stop us from being married. While we are hopeful that our wedding day may be everything we envisioned, we have decided that we prioritize our marriage over the celebration, and with that will come changes in our original plans.

As we continue to see how our plans for our wedding will be affected by this pandemic, we have taken our determination and redirected it to our preventative efforts for COVID-19, in the hope that you will feel safe sharing our wedding day with us.

At this time the details of our wedding ceremony, continue to remain uncertain. If we are able to have our wedding ceremony at Saint Boniface Catholic Church, the church will be sanitized before the ceremony to aid in the safety of our guests and after the ceremony out of respect for the health of the local parish. In addition, social distancing practices will be observed, as Saint Boniface Catholic Church is an incredibly large space that allows for such efforts.

As we continue to plan, we ask that you please verify the time and location of the ceremony and reception on this website, after the first of July. As everything seems to be evolving quickly, this seems to be the best way to ensure that our guests stay informed of any changes that may occur between now and the date of our wedding.

We appreciate your patience and kindness as we continue to navigate this situation. We are incredibly excited to see you all very soon.

With love and gratitude,

Hunter & Caitlyn

Update: April 28, 2020

Dear Family and Friends,

We hope that you are all healthy and safe. Our thoughts are with each of you during these uncertain times.

We wanted to reach out and let you all know that at this point in time we are continuing to have our wedding reception as planned, as our original date currently aligns with Idaho’s four phase plan. However, we are aware that these are uncertain times and these plans may change. If things continue to point in the right direction for Idaho, we will be sending formal invitations in the following weeks. If not, we will continue to stay in communication as our plan evolves.

We are still unsure of the logistics of our ceremony, as it is located in Washington State. We are waiting on guidance from the state before making any decisions. As we learn more information, we will update this page.

Our reception venue has increased their cleaning procedures to include disinfecting all touchable surfaces. They have also installed disinfectant dispensers for guests to use at different places on the property. We will also be distancing the tables, to provide everyone with more space between one another. Similar precautions will be taken at our ceremony, if it is able to continue as planned.

It’s with great desire, that we hope to not only celebrate our marriage with you on the 4th of July, but also the fact that we are once more able to be celebrate life’s important events with one another.

With love and gratitude,

Hunter & Caitlyn
Kelly Schmidt